Video production company

Some of Our Clients

Pre-production and post production services for broadcast, corporate, internet and independent productions.

We work closely with our clients to help obtain the results they want. Starting with a private consultation with our script writer, we determine precisely what the client is trying to achieve, the audience that the project is trying to attract, and the best approach to accomplish the desired result. We then keep the client involved all through the production process, and he is encouraged to visit the studio for editing options, previews and modifications. And only after the client is completely satisfied with the result, do we send our final invoice. But it doesn't end there. We keep complete back-up files for each production in a hard disk library, so we can always re-edit or recreate any facet of the project if necessary. This makes it easier and less expensive to update promotional productions as situations change over time. And it gives the client peace of mind, knowing his media is protected and available for future modification.

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